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Rest Easy with Lifeguard Security. You and Your Family can Feel Safe.

Whether you are at home or on the road, it’s never been easier to keep your family and home safe and secure. Your place of business can be protected.


Lifeguard Security will work with you to custom design a system to meet your individual needs and budget. We provide everything you need from a basic burglar and fire alarm to a sophisticated “all-in-one” system. Back to Base systems are essential for proper protection. We offer Mobile Network Systems for more security.

Take advantage of monitoring your property remotely

Lifeguard Security can Help You Protect Yourself.


Our systems can actually check for intrusions and control and monitor almost any device or appliance. They can perform dozens of other services to keep your home and family secure. Smoke and Fire detection can automatically report to the authorities and receive very fast and prompt attention.


When it comes to Running your Business, a Security System is not optional. Protection is Needed for both Life and Property.

You don’t want to imagine that everything you’ve worked for will be a target for crime or fire. Statistics show it’s happening in the smallest stores to the largest retail chains. Your residential home is often a target of criminals that have no respect.


You cannot run a business without Commercial Security. Lifeguard Security can create systems that monitor more than just break-ins, including fire, smoke, flood, access to the building and secure areas, worker productivity and pilferage, etc. You get peace of mind and a better bottom line.



" I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for providing complete peace of mind and safety to my family. I am the owner of a Business, and I need to keep my home and family safe as usual. You gave me the personal and professional touch. It is not often that I find both expertise in technical safety and security with the hands on personal touch you and your staff provided. "

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